Walk of Fame

Have you seen the Walk of Fame lately? What a transformation from being just a nice venue to remember some part of our past — to a garden spot of beauty that will give you a true sense of pride for our alma mater. For most of its’ existence, Austin High School never won any “yard of the month” awards, but has never been second to any school in the beauty of its’ edifice.

Beautifully engraved bricks are being sold for the Walk-of-Fame. It is truly a place of honored dedications and memories of people who have, in years past, walked the halls of Austin High School.

As with everything, money is at the core of most situations. The principals of Austin in bygone years never, if ever, received funds for beautification since all the focus was on the classroom. Administrators today receive limited funds for projects, but they fall short of the needs. The current principal, Ms. Linda Llorente, a 1972 Austin grad, is genuinely interested in making Austin High School a showplace among HISD campuses. She was responsible for transforming Jackson Junior High into one of the most beautiful schools in the district. Likewise, the two interior garden areas and the cafeteria eating area are getting makeovers. From the street, one would never know these lush garden areas exits.

Volunteers and funds from Exxon-Mobil contribute greatly to making these projects become a reality. With their help, inner city schools such as Austin, students can develop a sense of pride for their school. Austin High School students have worked hard on the Walk of Fame under the guidance of Mr. Klinger Casquete. Seeing these students working on the Walk of Fame on a recent Saturday morning made us proud about what we are trying to accomplish with it. Hopefully, these students will realize what these granite bricks represent. By purchasing a granite brick, you support the Alumni Association’s efforts to continue to provide money for scholarships and other projects at Austin. Many of us have a desire to make changes in the world or in people’s lives. Doing one, or both of the above, is a start.

4″X 8″ Brick $50
8″X 8″ Brick $100
8″X16″ Brick $500
8″X16″ Bronze Plaque $1,200

All proceeds go to benefit student scholarships or other worthwhile school projects at Austin High School. If you wish to buy a brick to support your school, or to receive additional information, contact:

Oralia Sanchez
P.O. Box 53746
Houston, Texas 77052-3746